HP Signs Settlement Agreements with APM and LD Products

HP recently signed two settlement agreements with Asia Pacific Microsystems (APM) and LD Products, respectively. HP’s settlement with APM of Taiwan concerns patent litigation relating to HP’s inkjet print cartridges. APM is a subsidiary of Taiwan-based United Microelectronics Corporation. Under the agreement, APM admitted to manufacturing infringing print cartridge components and agreed to immediately stop producing the illegal components. Consequently, HP agreed to dismiss APM from a patent infringement case in a Federal Court in California.

HP’s dispute with famous online aftermarket cartridge seller LD Products, Inc. of California, pertains to the sale of infringing ink cartridges and misidentified ink and toner cartridges. HP reached a comprehensive settlement in which LD Products has agreed to change its sales practices in selling HP aftermarket cartridges, and to stop the sale of certain infringing ink cartridges. Also, both companies have agreed to dismiss the pending claims against one another in court.

HP believes that settlements in these two cases are representative of HP’s continuous efforts to protect its Intellectual Property Rights.

Matt Barkley, HP’s Program Manager, Worldwide IP and Brand Protection, Printing and Supplies, added, “HP has always put a high premium on R&D—investing in technology that improves the overall experience for our customers. We are committed to protecting our brand and our customers. In order to protect our innovations, the superior quality of our products, and by extension, our customers, we will continue to defend our IP.”

Moreover, HP claimed it has been involved in IP protection actions in Brazil, Poland and Spain, with ongoing settlements and regular monitoring.

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