HP India Takes On the Refilling Industry

The largest printer OEM of the world is using price strategy and public education to blow the aftermarket industry in India.

According to HP’s Indian regional manager Bharat Kharbanda, aftermarket currently owns 30% of the entire market. To grab back more sales and market share, HP will continue to launch easily available and cheap cartridges and an awareness campaign, detailing the negative effects of refilling.

“The launch of affordable cartridges, starting at Rs. 499, two years ago has helped combat refilling. We’ve seen our market share rise from 38 to 47 per cent. Therefore, we plan on continuing with this approach and making all our printers compatible with this cartridge,” so says Mr. Kharbanda.

HP is also educating the public that they do not authorize ‘refills’. The OEM claims that the refilled cartridges, mainly made by unorganized ink stores, could damages both the cartridge and the printer.

“Right now, only roughly half of our printers are compatible with the affordable cartridge, from now on all the printers we introduce will be able to use this. We aim to take back lost sales and win back our market share from the refillers,” he added.

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