HP Aims to Lead 3D Printer Market

According to The Register, at the Canalys Channels Forum in Bangkok, HP’s CEO Meg Whitman announced that the company plans to enter the 3D printer market in the middle of 2014, adding that “it is a natural business for HP to enter given its heritage in printers.”

As was reported by Whitman, HP believes it is the time to expand this certain area and noted it is working on offering 3D printing technology with faster print speed and lower cost. Plus, HP aims to offer products to help service providers to set up their 3D printing business, while the exact product forms were not revealed.

Further, Whitman said HP aims to lead the 3D printer market, but she does not expect this business to grow strong in a short time. Whitman commented, “3D printing is in its infancy. It is a big opportunity and we are all over it. We will have something by the middle of next year.”

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