GreenABLE Now Ranks 3rd in SEED Award

GreenABLE—a South African Non-profit enterprise launched by Durban-based GreenOffice—is currently in third place in this year’s SEED Special Recognition Award.

GreenOffice reveals that GreenABLE has won a SEED South Africa Award in 2014. Plus, the 2014 SEED Awards in two South African provinces are supported by the Government of Flanders in Southern Africa.

Regarding the 2014 award and the highlights of GreenABLE, Managing Director Wayne Fyvie says, “GreenOffice is a business that provide print management service and we have these waste problem. Many of these are going to landfill. We really think it is our duty to make sure we do something with it. That’s why GreenABLE was born.”

In addition, Fyvie comments, “The really exciting thing is the potential that could come out of GreenABLE, that it can become a profit-making business. We are helping environment and we are creating (jobs) for people who have never had that opportunity. It is such a nice fit and we are incredibly proud. But the most important thing is we are doing the right thing.”

Further, the company mentions that GreenABLE has found an innovative solution for recycling empty printer cartridges. Also, the recycled plastic and metals are sold, generating a steady flow of income and employment opportunities for previously unemployed persons with disabilities. (Read more in Recycling Times Magazine Issue 51)

The SEED Award was initiated 10 years ago, and so far more than 170 innovative social and environmental start-up enterprises have been honored with a SEED Award. The vote for the SEED Award is due on July 31.

For more information and to vote for GreenABLE, please visit


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