Green Project Intros New GP Gear

Green Project, an innovative and environmentally dedicated supplier of remanufactured ink and toner cartridges, announced the launch of its “GP” gear technology for replacement OPC drums.

According to Green Project, the “GP” gear has been “inspected by U.S. Customs and Border Protection without any objection and is now available for importation.” Also, the company noted that the new product—for which a patent is pending in the US and other countries—will not infringe Canon’s ‘803 and ‘405 patents.

The company claims that the new product—which features unique design and offers a high print quality—will be provided “in most of their popular monochrome and color toner cartridges”. In addition to special markings, the gear is equipped with a covert authentication platform developed by TruTag Technologies, which can help customers validate original Green Project’s products and identify any counterfeits.

“Green Project always aims to provide the truly ideal, legal and reliable replacement solution. Many legal and technical experts have expressed their positive feedback on the design of the ‘GP’ gear, saying the product will not infringe Canon’s patent and it is an ideal solution,” said Roy Fan, CEO at Green Project. “The first set of new gears is expected to arrive in the US in the middle of December and they will be used for remanufactured products only. The price for the new gear will be set at the middle-upper level.”

Commenting on years of research and design, Green Project’s President Joseph Wu said, “The focus was not to rush and make a quick gear, but to design the gear properly so that the print quality is ensured and that our gear does not damage the printer with prolonged use.”

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