Green Project Develops Worldwide Brand Protection with TruTag Technologies

Green Project—an international remanufacturer and leading supplier of remanufactured inkjet and toner cartridges headquartered in Hacienda Heights, California—announced it will partner with security platform innovator TruTag Technologies to launch a global security program to protect its innovative products.

With years of protection offered by TruTag’s covert technology solution, Green Project believes that TruTag will provide additional services to ensure continued worldwide protection covering all of its products.

Green Project’s CEO Roy Fan said the company has worked on building an innovative product line and believes it is time to show its commitment of protecting its intellectual property. “We have worked with TruTag to apply this authentication system in a simple and cost-effective manner to our products, and we will utilize this award-winning technology platform to help monitor our supply chain and ensure our customers receive genuine product of the highest quality,” added Fan.

TruTag’s President Kent Mansfield noted, “Since TruTag’s solution utilizes biologically inert material and is safe for the environment—in fact, our silica microtags are edible and can be used for food and medical products—our security platform fits well with Green Project’s environmentally-friendly product line.”

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