Google Makes Marketing Smart

Google has focused on making marketing more effective and efficient by applying data and machine learning to the ever-evolving modern buyer’s journey and all of its micro-moments.

Consumer’s experiences will become better and more tailored because of data and machine learning which are becoming increasingly applied to them.

Allen Lin, manager of Google greater China channel sales department, stated that, “Whether print consumables or other industries, technology is a must-have. Digital technology makes the whole world reachable. Enterprises should build up the awareness of data collection and make them analyzable and measurable so as to increase their returns on investment.”

To better predict and assist consumers, data and machine learning are at the heart of all these by combining historical customer service data, natural language processing, and algorithms that continuously learn from interactions.

Google reaches over 90% of internet users globally and has 7 products which involves over one billion active users. It gathers everything it knows about its consumers from YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Android APP, etc. to anticipate individual’s behavior and make customized offers, based on their usage patterns.

Allen has also introduced some tools that present companies can utilize to help market their brands overseas such as Google Trend, Global Market Finder, and export businesses’ strong platform AdWords.

It also knows where consumers go, both online and in the physical world, based on cookies and location data from their phones.

For brands, they can now reach more targeted audiences across channels and devices to better adjust their paid ads to buyer’s journey.

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