G&G Unveils Plastic-free Packaging for Ink Packs

G&G Unveils Plastic-free Packaging for Ink Packs

survey by Accenture found that 83% of consumers believe that it’s important or extremely important for companies to design environmentally sustainable packaging.

Most plastics are made from oil and gas — fossil fuels that threaten climate warming, as greenhouse gases are emitted throughout the plastic life cycle. According to Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), 2024 started with a record-breaking month — the warmest January globally on record.

As a result, companies must offer products that have sustainable packaging to help consumers minimize their carbon footprint.


Sustainability remains a core business model for G&G. G&G has rolled out its new plastic-free ink pack packaging to encourage end-users to think green and act green. In 2022, G&G achieved a remarkable milestone in the volume of recyclable and degradable content reused in its packaging — 16,938.4 tons.

G&G is committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in product energy efficiency while emphasizing the use of environmentally friendly materials. Its latest innovation, the G&G ink pack packaging, is said to be crafted entirely from zero plastics. G&G claims that no glue or wax is used, as are toxic and potentially harmful chemicals. “We prioritize sustainability by incorporating recycled parts whenever feasible, thus contributing to resource conservation efforts. Moreover, customers can rest assured knowing that G&G holds certifications such as China Environmental Labeling Certification and Nordic Swan Ecolabel License, underscoring our dedication to eco-conscious practices,” said the spokesperson of G&G.

Another way in which G&G is reducing the environmental impact of its ink packs is with the use of green kraft paper packaging. This reusable, recyclable, and degradable plastic-free packaging helps to advance a greener future. By choosing G&G products with plastic-free packaging, end-users collectively make a significant impact on the environment!


  • 100% recyclable& biodegradable, friendly to the environment
  • 100% made from remanufactured kraft paper, zero plastic
  • Stronger protection ensures the product is intact and flawless after transportation

G&G Plastic-free Packaging Ink Packs List


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