German Exclusive Distributor Celebrates Cross-century Anniversary

It is momentous that a trading company goes through a century. Delacamp, founded in 1879 in Hamburg, Germany and in Kobe, Japan, has celebrated its 140th anniversary this year.

The company is regarded as the market leader for quality components and toner for the genuine LBP cartridge remanufacturing industry in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“Delacamp’s success has been built on trust, professionalism, competence, passion and a commitment to quality”, says Volker Kappius, CEO of Delacamp.

Delacamp has kept a steady momentum to become a quality leading trading company specialized in the trade between Asia and Europe. Since then Delacamp has evolved into a leader in the aftermarket imaging industry with an international scope, offering a comprehensive product line including OPC, chemically produced colour toner, monochrome toner, blades, rollers, chips, plastic parts and many other products needed by genuine LBP cartridge remanufactures as well as high performance polymers for industrial use.

“Delacamp still is a family owned and run business, with plans and ambitions of further growth, where it will keep looking at the future but not forget its past”, Kappius added.

Delacamp, Kobe around 1879.

Delacamp, Germany Now

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