Future Graphics Comments on Canon Dongle-gear Case


After Canon filed the dongle-gear lawsuit against 18 aftermarket suppliers, two named companies, UTec and MSE, have responded to the case. But now, a non-involved aftermarket company, Mitsubishi Kagaku Imaging Corporation, doing business as Future Graphics (MKIC/FG), also makes a statement to assure its customers.

Future Graphics asserted it  take intellectual property seriously, both its  own as well as others’  and neither MKIC nor Future Graphics is involved in this case. Moreover, “MKIC/FG has not been named in any of these Canon legal actions, and to date, no MKIC/FG products have been accused of infringement by Canon.” The aftermarket supplier also mentioned its plan to roll out a new gear solution soon.

Future Graphics said, “MKIC/FG remains committed to supplying the aftermarket with the highest quality components, and we appreciate the trust and confidence you place in us.”

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