Fitch Group Purchases Xerox Irridesse Production Presses for 20-percent Growth

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Fitch Group Expands with Xerox Irridesse Production Presses

Xerox reports that the Fitch Group is targeting 20-percent growth with its recent purchase of two Xerox Iridesse Production Presses

After serving Wall Street for 132 years and embracing digital printing after losing its facility in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, the Fitch Group recently acquired two Xerox Iridesse Production Presses, which Xerox says provide it with the high-quality color output and digital embellishment capabilities it needs to enter new markets and pursue 20-percent annual growth targets.

About 80 percent of the Fitch Group’s business is with financial firms, processing sensitive financial data to produce Securities Exchange Commission filings, prospectuses and various financial reports and documents – much of it as monochrome output. While the company also produces color books, booklets and marketing materials, the new leadership team is expanding capabilities and looking to break into new markets with high-end color printing.

The Iridesse Production Press is the only digital press that can print metallic gold or silver, CMYK, clear or white dry ink in a single pass. In addition to providing the color image quality and embellishments the firm sought, the press’s new long-sheet capability (13″ x 47″) will enable Fitch Group to produce three-panel brochures it previously turned down or farmed out. Printing at 120-ppm, the new presses boost productivity and contribute to the faster turnaround that their customers demand.

The Fitch Group plans to market their new Iridesse-based capabilities with a direct mail campaign that is currently under development, sample books based upon press explorations by Fitch Creativ, the creative arm of Fitch Group and one-on-one meetings with customers and prospects.

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