First Recycling Project Launched in Vanuatu, NZ

According to Radio New Zealand, Vanuatu supermarket LCM has partnered with New Zealand-based companies, including Pacific Direct Line (PDL) and Croxley Recycling, to set up Vanuatu’s first recycling project for used cartridges and cellphones in Luganville. Since there is no charge for the operation, LCM will set dropboxes for collection across the town, while PDL will deliver this e-Waste to Auckland and Croxley Recycling will recycle the products.

Waste Management Specialist Mary O’Reilly said the shipment is expected to be sent to New Zealand once a year. “The printer toner cartridge, while it’s a very small waste stream, the business sector in Luganville is growing, so it’s quite a good waste stream to start working on.” O’Reilly added, “We’ve also introduced a cardboard recycling programme which now is second nature for businesses and households in New Zealand.”

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