first Océ ProStream digital inkjet press

First Océ ProStream Digital Inkjet Press Installed in East Coast

Canon Solutions America has announced that Intellus has completed the installation of the first Océ ProStream digital inkjet press to operate on the East Coast. As part of an expansion plan to grow its digital direct mail printing and mailing capabilities, Intellus has invested $8 million in new high-speed production inkjet printing and finishing equipment.

The Océ ProStream continuous-feed, high-quality color device follows the acquisition of an Océ ColorStream 6900 continuous-feed digital inkjet press and an Océ VarioPrint i300 sheetfed color inkjet press. The ColorStream features the Chromera ink set, the latest advancement in ink technology, producing outstanding color consistency, wide color range, and superior image quality across a variety of different paper weights, textures, and finishes.

Evan Liss and Ryan Newell work with the Océ ProStream.

“Transitioning from traditional to digital inkjet technology has added tremendous value to the company by allowing us to function at a higher level,” said Manny Ortiz, Managing Partner, Intellus. “We are currently producing more than 5 million pieces of mail per week. The transition has helped us manage paper inventory at a lower cost, increase flexibility, and expand our application mix, allowing us to produce more diverse digital work. With the inkjet competitive advantage, Intellus is prepared to expand their offerings to a broad range of industries.”

For one national mortgage lender, Intellus supports the bulk of their printing and production jobs throughout the U.S. As their needs expanded, Intellus responded quickly and efficiently. The Chief Operating Officer of the client company was impressed by the turnaround time, which allowed the lender to get even more materials out to their customers in a timely manner.

Said Mr. Ortiz, “Our mission was to expand our digital direct mail printing and mailing capabilities, and we knew we needed to invest in inkjet technology in order to effectively do that. The Océ presses have given us the ability to go from creative to a live piece in a much quicker time than previously. Within 24 hours, we can go from approved creative to the letter shop. And we no longer need to outsource our direct mail services, so we’re able to focus on offering our customers even more value and service.”

The Intellus team offers a unique value proposition in the marketplace, producing high-quality work and innovative solutions for many custom projects and initiatives.

“Intellus is one of the East Coast’s top providers of direct mail marketing and we are thrilled to have them as long-time partners,” said Peter Kowalczuk, President, Canon Solutions America. “The talented team at Intellus has the expertise and entrepreneurial spirit that keeps them ahead of new and emerging technologies. With the continual advancements in inkjet technology and the capabilities of the Océ devices, there are more printing and production possibilities than ever before. We’re proud to help support Intellus in growing and evolving their business.”

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