First 3D Materials Lab in the World Established

Following the announcement of first commercial 3D printers, HP has launched a new 3D Open Materials and Applications Lab.

According to HP, a leading global printer OEM, it has set up a new 3D lab focusing on cross-industry cooperation. The new lab aims at stimulating innovation and setting foot in the 3D manufacturing industry that worth US$12 trillion. The lab is located in Corvallis, U.S. and occupies a space around 3,500 sq ft (325.2㎡). HP’s 3D materials partners can use the lab to introduce product development, test new materials and get instant feedback from engineers.

Tim Weber, the Global Head of 3D Materials and Advanced Applications and general manager of HP’s Corvallis site said, “In order for 3D printing to go mainstream, you need the materials piece to take off with the technology, or the ecosystem won’t flourish. We want materials companies to work with their customers and drive innovation on our platform.”

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