Extended Yield Chips Now Available

Static Control has announced the launch of its extended yield chips for cartridges used in HP CP2025 and M451 printers.

Static Control claims these chips to be the first and the only option available in market, which allows remanufacturers to offer an extended yield without comprising other functionalities. Endorsed by Static Control patents, these chips provide an exclusive solution for users that are seeking accuracy in reports both local and through MPS data collection software.

When work with Static Control’s ColorControl Replacement Imaging Systems, cartridges can deliver a yield of up to 34 percent more pages than that of stated by OEM, lowering the overall cost-per-page.

The specifications are as follows,

Erwin Pijpers, Senior Vice President of Sales, said, “This chip provides a unique opportunity for remanufacturers. In addition to being able to offer your customers an extended yield solution, the chip ensures there is no loss of functionality – customers do not need to override any messaging.”

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