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The European Toner and Ink Remanufacturers Association (ETIRA) has come under fire, from Europe as well as the USA, for allegedly being “racist”, condoning “unfair trade practices” and providing testimony in court against a fellow remanufacturing company.

Across the Atlantic, Jim Ladd, the publisher of the Florida-based—known for his outspoken views on the printing consumables industry—has lashed out against the association calling for the dismissal of its Secretary-General and the closure of the trade association (see

Ladd’s article came in response to statements made by ETIRA following the March 19 court order issued to the cartridge remanufacture and distributor, also based in the Netherlands.  Previously, the Court of The Hague had ordered the to place a rectification on its website for two weeks.

In his article, Ladd accuses ETIRA for welcoming the ruling against the remanufacturer. ETIRA Secretary General Vincent van Dijk is quoted as saying publicly, “Sellers of infringing new-builds from China should be honest about this. Your customer has the right to know that he could be sued for patent infringement if you supply him patent infringing new-build clones.”

The Director of, Gerben Kreuning, is angry. Kreuning explains, “The case in the Hague was not about selling ‘infringing new builds from China’ or us not being honest about the Chinese origin of these products as Mr. Vincent van Dijk implies.” Kreuning claims sells a range of new built products that do not infringe any IP rights of the OEMs. He says he is proud of the fact that “our score against OEMs in patent infringement cases has pretty much been positive for us.” He also quips, that OEMs also source products from China and the “experience with Chinese non-infringing new built products is that the return rate is much lower than the return rate of products from European producers.”

Kreuning is also angry because ETIRA, being an aftermarket trade association, has turned against his company—an aftermarket supplier of printer cartridges.  His comments have also been posted online at

Kreuning explained to RT Media “The Recycler, on April 8, 2015, reported van Dijk was called upon as an independent expert at the hearing against in the Hague. However what has not been disclosed, is that ETIRA’s president, Christian Wernhart issued a lengthy report as an expert witness retained by HP in the case. Mr Van Dijk, also attended the hearing before the court as an expert on behalf of HP.”

According to Kreuning, has over 150 employees, 1.5 million clients, and has the won the “best web shop in Holland” award 8 years in a row.

Kreuning adds “In spite of the OEMs bringing a number of court cases against us in recent years, we will not deviate from selling quality, non-infringing products—either new or remanufactured—to save people money as well as giving them a choice for their printing needs.”


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