Epson to Expand in Indonesia

Indonesia Epson plans to spend $3 million to expand its production capacity in Cikarang, West Java.

The company claims it will increase its Cikarang plant size to 25 hectares, with an average production capacity of 6 to 7 million units a year and a maximum of 1 million unit printers per month for both high-end and low-end printers. Despite the sluggish economic growth and low purchasing power in Indonesia, the plant has still been the main production base and a benchmark for the company.

“This expansion is part of our global strategy to develop high-end printers. We need a bigger plant to do so,” said Emile Pattiwael, Indonesia Epson Industry Senior General Manager.

Emile added, “Indonesia has become our biggest production base because it has the quality and massive workforce. Among other reasons, most supporting industries such as plastic, metal and injection are available in Indonesia.”

It is said that half of the Cikarang plant’s production is shipped to the United States, Japan and Europe, with the remainder heading to markets in Asia Pacific.

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