Epson to Dispel Ink Myth with Myth-Busters

Epson to Dispel Inkjet Myth with Myth-Busters

Epson to Dispel Inkjet Myth with Myth-Busters

Epson has appointed its first two “myth busters” to its European team to tackle some of the long-established misconceptions about inkjet printers.

Rosalyn Addison will become global chief myth-buster, supported by Charlie de la Haye as her deputy. Existing members of the Epson communications team, they will take on their additional roles in November, starring in a number of short films that aim to set the record straight and dispel the myths.

The myths they’ll be busting include:

  • Connecting to WiFi and printing from your mobile is difficult – you don’t need to be a technical whiz to do either of these things and the myth busters will show you how easy it is!
  • The technology in inkjet printers is old fashioned and outdated – it’s actually incredibly sophisticated with lots of clever innovations, and has many features that laser printers can’t offer
  • Inkjet printers are only for small printing jobs and aren’t built to last – this just isn’t true, and we are still servicing some printers that are more than 10 years old
  • Paper is constantly jamming, and printheads are always clogging –Not with Epson & we’ll show you how to prevent any annoying mishaps
  • You can’t print when one cartridge runs out – our myth-busters will show you how you can continue to print even when one colour is out
  • Ink isn’t affordable – there is now a range of different ways you can buy your ink to suit every budget
  • It doesn’t matter what ink you put in the printer – Roz and Charlie will explain the pitfalls of this false economy

Roz Addison, chief myth-buster, quipped, “Common misunderstandings just weren’t going away – and we hope by tackling them head on, we can answer these criticisms once and for all. No, ink doesn’t have to be more expensive than champagne. No, they’re not slow and clunky. No, the ink in cartridges does not dry up.”

Charlie de la Haye, deputy myth-buster added, “In my role, I intend to clear up some common misconceptions, and offer some helpful hints and tips. I never want to hear someone tell me they don’t use an inkjet because the technology is nowhere near as advanced as lasers. It’s simply not true.”

While the new myth buster roles and videos are light-hearted and meant to bring some fun to the way in which we think about printing, they do underline a serious point. Modern inkjets are based on the very latest technology. Epson spends about $1.2 million every day on research and development and the firm is regularly wins global design awards for many of its products.

Epson is committed to Heat-Free Technology in its consumer and office printers, which use no heat in the ink ejection process. The firm believes it is the future for print. Unlike laser technology, which uses heat in the print process, Epson Heat-Free Technology uses pressure to force the ink onto the paper. This offers consistent high-speed printing, greater durability because there are fewer parts to replace, lower power consumption and less need for maintenance. It also allows greater flexibility compared to other inkjet technologies as there are no limitations when it comes to the liquid that can be printed with or the materials that can be printed on.

And to address the often-controversial subject of ink, Epson has introduced a range of options that can bring printing costs right down. These include EcoTank, inkjet printers with refillable ink tanks and allow savings of up to 90% on the cost of ink. They come with ink equivalent to 72 cartridges, enough to print up to 14,000 pages without needing to replace them. There’s also ReadyPrint, our first subscription printing service which launched earlier this year across Europe. There are price plans to help with a variety of printing needs starting from less than €2 a month, and some plans even come with the use of an EcoTank printer.  With ReadyPrint, customers can save up to 90 per cent on ink by choosing a set number of printed pages per month.  Cartridges are then delivered to your door so you never have to worry about running out of ink.

The myth buster films will be used worldwide in a campaign running over the next few months and will be available to view on the Epson’s official You Tube channels and social media sites.

Roz and Charlie are also available to give after-dinner speeches on the science, technology and benefits of inkjet and the importance of using genuine ink.



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