Epson Singapore Releases New L-Series Inkjet

Epson Singapore recently unveiled its new line of L-series inkjet printers. The line includes 7 models—3 are basic, single function printers (the L110, L300, L800), and 4 are multi-function models (the L210, L350, L355 and L550). All apply a cost-effective ink tank system to provide low-cost printing at high page volume.

The ink tank system is more cost-effective compared with traditional  integrated cartridges, because each ink refill costs only S$9.90 (US$7.95) and prints up to 4,000 pages. Further, consumers will not run the risk of destroying the OEM’s warranty by using third-party ink refills.

Each of the L-series printers comes with detachable ink tanks to minimize spillage during refills. They also feature a custom tube design to prevent paper jams. A choke valve is installed at the side of the tank to prevent any leakage during transportation.

Traditionally, these systems have been used by shops that modify integrated cartridge-based printers to use third-party ink tanks. Now they are being adopted by Epson printers sold in developing markets. Modifications in these markets are popular because they represent a savings in cost for Epson customers.

The printers are attached with one 70 ml black ink bottle and three 70 ml color ink bottles designed to deliver 6,500 color prints.

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