Epson Responds to Dismissal of Action

Epson Responds to Dismissal of Action

On July 27th 2017, Epson filed a response to the Court’s Order requesting that the Epson v. Gaea Supplies Case should not be dismissed for want of prosecution.

Seiko Epson Corporation, Epson America, Inc., and Epson Portland Inc. (collectively Epson) filed their Complaint for patent infringement against Gaea Supplies Corporation on June 16, 2017. Epson invited Gaea to contact Epson’s counsel to discuss the potential for early settlement.

After service of the Complaint, Mr Kang Xiang, the CEO of Gaea, reached out to Epson’s counsel and expressed eagerness to settle the case. Epson’s counsel informed Mr Xiang that to determine an appropriate settlement, it was necessary for Gaea to provide Epson its sales and supplier data for the infringing cartridges.

After numerous communications negotiating the scope of the sales and supplier data, which was prolonged due to Mr Xiang’s extended international travels, Gaea has been cooperative in providing information required for settlement.

Based on the foregoing, Epson submits that dismissal of this action is not appropriate as the parties are continuing to work toward a final resolution of the matter, and expect to settle the case within 45 days. Otherwise, Epson will file a motion for entry of Gaea’s default.

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