Epson releases new Integrated Report 2019

Epson releases new Integrated Report 2019

Seiko Epson Corporation published the English version of “Epson Integrated Report 2019” on their corporate website. The report is also available in Japanese.

It should be noted the 76-page report is not an annual report for the 2018 fiscal year – since the 2019 fiscal year marks the end of Phase 1 (FY2016-18) and the start of Phase 2 (FY2019-21), courses mapped out by Epson 25 Corporate Vision, the Integrated report gives an overview of Phase 1 while presenting new strategies and policies for Phase 2, which are embodied by the Phase 2 Mid-Range Plan.

The purpose behind Epson’s Integrated Report is to inform shareholders, investors, suppliers and other stakeholders on topics such as Epson’s business strategies pinpointing future growth prospects; environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) information that highlights Epson as a sustainable enterprise. In addition, financial information that displays the company’s current state of operation. The report gives an overview of Epson’s achievements and future steps to be taken towards their aim of becoming an indispensable brand. It is also used as a medium for shareholders to understand what Epson is doing and to encourage effective communication between the company and shareholders.

Epson releases new Integrated Report 2019 rtmworld

The content of Epson Integrated Report 2019 is set out in three parts, describing the story of Epson’s value creation.

First is value creation strategy – this consists of messages from the CEO, CFO and CTO, the Phase 2 Mid-Range Plan, messages from division chief operating officers, and related feature articles.

Second part illustrates value creation infrastructure – corporate governance, environment, quality, supply chain management and human resources that were involved in value creation.

The third consists of figures and data – financial and non-financial figures and other related quantitative corporate data.

The report includes other sections on how Epson summarised sixteen corporate social responsibilities that were of the highest priority, and they were incorporated into the Phase 2 Plan. Supplementing the report are two feature articles, “The Transformation of the Office Environment” and “The Transformation of the Production Floor” which demonstrate to their audience Epson’s value proposition.

The full Integrated Report 2019 can be seen here

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