Epson Object Against Soldcrazy

Seiko Epson Corporation, Epson America, Inc., and Epson Portland Inc., have launched a complaint against Soldcrazy USA LCC in the United States District court for patent infringement.

Seiko Epson Corporation are a Japanese corporation, Epson America, Inc. originate from California and Epson Portland Inc. are based in Oregon.

Epson alleged that Soldcrazy USA LCC infringed Epson US Patent 6502917, by making, using, importing, offering to sell, and selling aftermarket ink cartridges that operate with Epson ink jet printers. This included but was not limited to ink cartridges having model no’s. T200, and T200XL.

Furthermore, Epson have accused Soldcrazy of infringing Epson US Patent 8794749. This detailed that they are not allowed to make, use, import, offer to sell, and sell aftermarket ink cartridges that operate with Epson ink jet printers. A few examples of the ink cartridges included are model no’s. T200, T200XL, E-2731, E-2732, E-2733, and E-2734.

This Compliant is related to the Investigation No. 337-TA-565, which has been adjudicated by the ITC in a final determination. The ‘917 patent asserted in this case was litigated in the 337-TA-565 ITC Investigation against the same or overlapping groups of products that are accused of infringement in this action.

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