Epson Embraces 50th Anniversary of Its First Printer

Epson is now celebrating fifty years since the company first introduced miniaturised printing at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.  

As was reported by, “the printing timer became the first electronic recording system in the Olympics, changing the course of history”.

In the printing market, the EP-101 was released in 1968, the world’s first and smallest digital printer that gave Epson its name. In 1994, Epson rolled out the first high-resolution colour inkjet printer – the Epson Stylus Colour, which made high-resolution printing in the home possible for the first time. Most recently, the OEM introduced its product innovations using PrecisionCore, Epson’s most advanced microelectronic printhead technology. This has make the company superior in output quality at the speeds required for industrial and commercial printing. Also, the launch of Ink Tank System, the first printer with integrated high-capacity refillable ink tanks, provides a brand new printing system to avoid the trouble of replacing cartridges and offer low-cost printing.

Epson is confident in being a global technology innovator, which has been proved by the many awards it has received. The company received awards including the Thomson Reuters 2013 Top 100 Global Innovator Awards in Japan, the IEEE Corporate Innovation Recognition Award, numerous EISA and TIPA awards for imaging products as well as the BLI Pick of the Year 2014 for the WorkForce DS-860. Besides, Epson holds in Japan more patents than other corporation in the categories for printers, inkjet technology, projectors, OLED and E-Paper2.

Mukesh Bector, Regional Sales Manager, Epson East Africa, expressed, “We are very proud of our heritage and reputation for leading the way in global innovation. We strive to make Epson’s products better, by investing in research and development so that we can create technologies to provide our costumers with unique value. Our commitment is to bring into being something that no one imagined would exist, that answers a fundamental need that has not been met and represents a significant step forward in our customers’ lives.”

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