Epson Completes New Innovation Center

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, “Epson”) has completed construction work on a new four-story facility (Innovation Center Building B) on the campus of its Hirooka Office in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Construction began in the autumn of 2018.

Epson completed Innovation Center

Innovation Center Building B has a total floor area of 39,634 m². The first and second floors will house digital inkjet textile printer prototype production and volume production operations along with a digital printing solutions exhibition area. The third and fourth floors will be office space. Preparations are under way for an April start to operations. The new facility is designed to reinforce the company’s research and development capabilities and production technology in the growing textile printing space. It will also increase the strength and efficiency of business operations by consolidating printing solutions business operations.

Epson, which identified textile printing as a growth area in its Epson 25 Corporate Vision, seeks to drive a shift away from traditional plate-based analog printing of textiles and toward a digital printing environment that offers both high productivity and a smaller environmental footprint.

To accelerate this shift, Epson is installing prototype production and volume production systems for digital inkjet textile printers in Innovation Center Building B while simultaneously reinforcing its R&D and production engineering organizations in this area. The facility will also have an exhibition area and a space for viewing the assembly process. These, Epson believes, will help to strengthen customer touch points and expand sales in the textile printing segment.

Epson will increase the efficiency of its printing solutions business operations by consolidating in the Innovation Center and adjacent offices the departments involved in functions such as strategy, sales and marketing, development, design, and production engineering.

Epson will broaden the world of digital printing and further accelerate inkjet innovation by continuing to refine its technology and provide outstanding products and services built around original core devices.













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