Dell’s New Smart Printers Feature Fastest First Page Out Time

To better address the needs of medium to large enterprises as well as government agencies, Dell has added three new printers to its Smart Printers range.

The new releases include: Dell Color Smart Printer S5840cdn, Dell Smart Printer S2830dn and Dell Smart Printer S5830dn. The company claims that the new printers give companies new accessible options for replacing legacy imaging devices with printers that can meet the various needs of today’s workplace.

According to Dell, the S5840cdn comes up with world’s fastest First Page Out Time (FPOT) for color laser printers under $1,000, as fast as 5.5 seconds, while the S2830dn and the S5830dn feature a FPOT of 6.5 and 4.4 seconds respectively. Other features on the new release include: reliability, robust scalability, cost savings, and energy efficiency. 

Bert Park, vice president and general manager of Dell Global Software and Peripherals said, “These smart printers are an exciting new expansion on Dell’s history of award-winning imaging products, demonstrating how we continue to innovate on the reliable printers we’re bringing to market. Our goal is to increase workforce productivity through end-to-end simplicity, and this just gives our customers and distributors more specialized options than before.”

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