Delacamp Releases Components for HPs JetIntelligence Range

Delacamp Releases Components for HPs JetIntelligence Range

A much needed chemically produced quality toner that can be used to remanufacture cartridges for HP M252/253 and M552/553 printers has been released in Europe.

As reported by Tonernews, the German-based components and consumables supplier, Delacamp, has launched what it claims to be, the first of its kind in the market.

The UC1945 chemical color toner, for use in CF 360-363 and CF 400-403 cartridges, has been successfully tested by Delacamp, and has been qualified and approved for Nordic Ecolabel and LGA standards.

The OPC drum required as part of the cartridge repair for M552/553 printers has also been developed and customer testing is in progress. The OPC for the repair of the cartridges for use in the M252/253 cartridges will follow shortly.

In addition, drum covers, shipping locks and replacement end caps which could be damaged during the repair of the welded items used by the OEM M252/253 cartridges, are also available.


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