Delacamp Names Distributor for Spain and Portugal

Aftermarket components and consumables supplier Delacamp announced that it has selected Barcelona-based Troofi Confidential Data Solution as its distributor for Spain and Portugal. The two companies now look to develop a market-oriented partnership.

Under the partnership, Troofi will receive full support from Delacamp on the distribution of all products and services including DCSelect Parts, CPT and Kaleidochrome chemically-produced toner as well as MK Imaging products.

Delacamp explained that Spain and Portugal is recovering from economic slowdowns, it holds the remanufacturing industry in the region as promising. The company emphasized the significance of such long-term business relationships for the region’s competitiveness.

Volker Kappius, COO of Delacamp, stated: “Customers in Spain and Portugal now have the opportunity to buy our quality products locally through Troofi, which as a very professional company in its field and in operation since 2010, possesses the capabilities to accommodate all customer demands through its divisions in Spain and Portugal.”
Diego Rogoz, Area Sales Manager of Delacamp AG, added: “Currently, we enjoy good business in Spain and Portugal. Of course, I see there is still space for growth, which we would like to achieve and I am sure that, with Troofi, we are able to serve the markets of the Iberic peninsula with a strong partnership. There is great potential for both companies to reach their common goals in adding value to the market with good products and services while growing company business at the same time. I am excited to see this cooperation being established and I am happy to join forces with Troofi.”
Commenting on behalf of Troofi, José Calatayud, Executive Board member of the company, said: “We are very excited with this agreement with Delacamp, a very respectful and reliable company in business for over 100 years, with headquarters in Hamburg and divisions in Europe. They have chosen us to join forces in the demanding market of Spain and Portugal. We have always enjoyed high service and quality products from Delacamp and now we are able to offer those products to our customers.”
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DELACAMP, with its main office located in Hamburg, Germany is a leading supplier of components and consumables to the remanufacturing industry as well as consumables, components and spare parts for copier machines worldwide. In order to provide superior service to its customers, Delacamp holds a large selection and inventory of matched quality components at competitive prices for immediate delivery. DELACAMP is the exclusive distributor of MK Imaging™, DCSelect®, CPT® and Kaleidochrome™ branded products in EMEA. DELACAMP: Serving customers since 1879.
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