DAMA Named by NAND ipl as Exclusive Italian Distributor

NAND ipl, an India-based toner manufacturer, has announced DAMA Service as its exclusive distributor in Italy.

With more than ten years of experience in cartridge recycling, Dama Service is specialized in distributing parts and components of printing supplies. The company also designs and produces specialized machines for the recycling industry. It is a partner of the majority of top recyclers in Italy and Europe.

The Italian distributor spoke highly of the partnership, citing, “NAND’s products are amongst the best currently available worldwide. Remanufacturers globally fortunate enough to already use NAND’s toners can certainly testify the quality of the products; benchmarked directly upon; and deliver comparable results to OEM performance on all the key performance evaluation criteria.”

The company emphasized that high quality must go with competitive pricing to be of real value to customers.

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