Clover Imaging Group Partners with Microsoft

Clover Imaging Group has announced their partnership with Microsoft to create a machine learning artificial intelligence-based sales forecasting system. The new AI system cuts operation time down to just minutes. This forward-thinking move works to improve internal processes, enable higher customer satisfaction with quicker delivery times, decrease backorders, increase fill rates.
Clover Imaging Group Senior Vice President Account Management states: “Absolutely everything leads back to the customer experience, and to that end, we’re incredibly happy with what we’ve seen,” said Valerie Alberico SVP, Account Management and Sales Operations at Clover. “Customers are loving the fact that we’ve increased our fill rates, have seen a significant reduction in backorders and have the shortest lead time ever from our products to our customers because our warehouses are now quite literally stocked with them in mind. All of this has led to significant gains in terms of customer satisfaction across the board, which was always the goal in the first place.”
Clover’s years of historical data provided a wealth of insights once it was analyzed and organized correctly using machine learning and artificial intelligence tools.
This cutting-edge work has led to incredible efficiencies in Clover’s inventory, transportation, and distribution operations, which translate directly into improved customer product availability and delivery times.
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