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China’s Role in the Booming Inkjet Market Reviewed


china market,inkjet market,recycling timesThanks to faster printing speeds and lower costs to print a page more players are getting into inkjet printing supplies across the globe.

The growing demand for the technology by consumers has been noted by Chinese manufacturers as well.

According to the, China shares the largest part of inkjet printer market for the past five years. This is, in part, due to the increasing manufacturing industry and the rise in companies outsourcing the manufacturing to the Asia Pacific superpower.

A report has just been released that examines this growth trend in inkjet supplies in China.

Released in April, “The Global and Chinese Inkjet Printer Industry 2012-2022 Market Research Report” provides a professional, in-depth study about the global inkjet printer market with a focus on the Chinese market. Details on the effects of the global demands on the market and directions are detailed in the report.

Obis Research expects the global inkjet printer industry to grow further through the forecast period of 2017-2022 with all key players in active pursuit. The report also provides key insights into for those who wish to broaden their spectrum in the market.

Further, the researchers claim key market players, who wish to gain maximum market share in the future, need to be kept updated on the latest developments of other competitors. To this end substantial statistics on the inkjet market are provided in the report.

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