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Cartridge World Observes Administrative Professional’s Day

administrative professional day,recycling timesCartridge World has dished out ome helpful tips on how to improve office printing practices on the Administrative Professional’s Day on April 26.

According to Cartridge World, businesses and professionals could save some money if they increase their cost visibility, adopt Manage Print Service (MPS) in their office, and choose high-performance ink and toners from aftermarket companies instead of that of the OEMs.

Here are the tips from the famous ink and toner retailer:

• Cost Visibility and Control: Ninety percent of business’ do not know what they spend on office inventory. Business can achieve quality printing at great value which can lead to cost-savings of thousands of dollars.
• Service Issues: Did the office printer go out of service at a critical time? If your supplier does not provide service and maintenance of a printer, it can be challenging to get things up-and-running in a timely manner. Seek out a specialist that can match your printing needs with the right machine.
• Expensive Inventory: Solution? Buy alternatives to printer-brand cartridges. You can save as much as 30 percent on printer cartridges by buying high-performance ink and toner from companies primarily specializing in printer products, instead of paying full-price for the printer brands at big-box retailers.

Originated in the United States in 1952, Administrative Professionals Day is now observed in a number of countries worldwide to celebrate workplace professionals. In the United States, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, the day is celebrated on the Wednesday of the last full week of April.

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