Cartridge World and Static Control Announce Strategic Partnership

Cartridge World has announced a partnership agreement with Static Control Components. Under the agreement, Static Control becomes an Approved Supplier of non-branded imaging products to the global Cartridge World network.

The move recognizes the almost universal use of Static Control products within the Cartridge World network, and brings all franchisees back into compliance.

Cartridge World’s Global CEO Steve Weedon (pictured) is excited for the opportunity the two companies can provide by working together.

Weedon said, “A similar deal should have been chiseled out years ago for the benefit of franchisees and the network. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it was never deemed possible. Our industry requires bold new thinking and strategic partnerships to evolve. I am very proud to have been able to bring Static Control officially into our network. I give Static Control President Bill Swartz the credit for seeing the opportunities and huge potential the new Cartridge World offers. We have a strong vision and direction for our future and Static Control will be an integral part of that future.”

Static Control is the largest manufacturer of aftermarket imaging systems and components for the laser and ink jet industry. Having spent 18 years with the company, Weedon stated it was “good to be working with my former colleagues again. I have the highest regard for their technical ability and expertise.”

Static Control’s headquarters and global distribution center is located in Sanford, North Carolina, USA. It was acquired in 2015 by Apex Microelectronics of Zhuhai, China. The combined resources of the companies provide unmatched capabilities to bring solutions to market by keeping pace with ever-evolving OEM technologies and innovations.

Cartridge World was acquired by China-based Suzhou Goldengreen Technologies (SGT) in 2015. SGT is the largest Organic Photoconductor (OPC) manufacturer and supplier to the aftermarket, manufacturing 90 million units a year.

Cartridge Word will be exhibiting with Static Control products at the upcoming International Franchise Exhibition in New York in June.

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