Cartridge Remanufacturer Crowned in International Beauty Pageant

The Filipino winner of a prestigious beauty pageant says the title will enhance her business opportunities as a cartridge remanufacturer and reseller through her Cartridge World business based in Manilla.

Babylyn Newfield has just arrived back from Sofia, Bulgaria with her Mrs Grandma Universe title to an excited nation. Newfield gave Recycling Times an industry-exclusive video interview saying, “I was under a lot of pressure going into this hotly contested pageant. As you know, the Philippines is a powerhouse of beauty with at least 5 crowns being won during 2015. So I went into this at the beginning of 2016 under a lot of pressure. This is the very first beauty pageant win for the Philippines in 2016! And it has gathered a lot of attention.”

The 48 year-old mother of 4 and grandmother of 4, is also a Cartridge World Master in the Philippines, and she is expecting her win to boost her cartridge business where the brand is now viewed as one of the major suppliers of remanufactured cartridges in the country “The title, of course, is going to be a leverage to promote Cartridge World and remanufacturing as an alternative consumables choice. With this title, I will naturally talk about my business. I am very proud to be a part of Cartridge World and this industry. Already I am getting many enquiries about how to start a business. It’s a wonderful opportunity to gain more franchisees and customers.”

Newfield will be featured on the front cover of Recycling Times Magazine which has been rushed to press late this month, awaiting the pageant outcome. Newfield’s interview with RT Media Director, David Gibbons will be posted shortly online.


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