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Cartridge Recharger Seen Uptick in Business after Famous Lawsuit

Eric Smith,Impression Products,LexmarkEver since Impression Products has won the patent lawsuit with Lexmark, the aftermarket company has seen increasing interests in purchasing their products from potential customers.

According to, Impression Products is a family business based in Charleston, West Virginia, U.S.A. The family business chose to stand up to Lexmark, the OEM that had sued 50 companies for recycling and reselling used cartridges of their brand, because it did not want to go out of business and leave their 25 employees behind.

The final decision made by the US Supreme Court dictates that once a product was sold, its patent rights would be exhausted. The result has not only made a huge impact on cartridge recyclers, but also affected thousands of other businesses.

Eric Smith, the president of Impression Products said, “It goes far beyond printer cartridges. This was a fight for every consumer. You buy a product, you would think it’s yours. I just kept coming back to that and thinking surely common sense will prevail here.”

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