Canon Ranks First in Environmental Survey

The 20th Nikkei Environmental Management Survey has seen Canon Inc. leading in ranking of manufacturing.

According to Canon, it is the third time the OEM ranked first among manufacturing companies. Canon claims it achieved perfect scores for promotion of environmental management structure, resource recycling and measures against global warming in this year’s survey.

Canon received high ratings for its actions such as the carbon offset program that reduces CO2 emissions and the automatic toner and ink cartridge recycling system. Additionally, the company also scored highly for other criteria, achieving a total score of 496 (out of a possible 500), placing first in the manufacturing category.

Started in 1997, Nikkei Inc. conducts survey annually to assess businesses’ environment protection endeavors based on five criteria: promotion of environmental management structure, pollution and biodiversity-related measures, resource recycling, environmental product policy, and measures against global warming.


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