Canon Europe Recycles 344 Thousand-ton Cores

Canon Europe is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its laser toner cartridge recycling program, which the company said had collected about 344,000 tons of used toner cartridges by the end of December 2014.

The OEM declared its cartridges are designed with HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) plastic, which can be recycled multiple times and still achieve a quality level equivalent to new. Cartridges returned by customers in Europe are sent to Canon Bretagne SAS in France and then undergo a closed loop recycling process to become new cartridges. The program had help to avoid the need for around 232,000 tons of new raw materials and saving about 502,000 tons of carbon dioxide, by reusing parts, recycling materials and energy recovery, said the OEM.

Also, the OEM asserted it was the first company to introduce a toner cartridge recycling program in 1990. Now, the program, which is free for customers, operates in 24 countries globally, of which 18 countries are in Europe.

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