Cabot Launches New Material to Improve Image Quality

According to Business Wire, Cabot Corporation, specializing in chemicals and performance materials, has developed new material for use in electrophotographic applications, the ATLAS(TM) silica composite particles.

Cabot’s new ATLAS(TM) silica composite particles can improve the image quality and consistency of toner in laser printers and multifunction devices.

According to Cabot, “High volume laser printers demand toners that effectively maintain image quality over extended print runs, while also enabling faster printing and increased energy efficiency. Toner manufacturers have attempted to meet these standards by producing toners with softer resins that can be fused to paper at lower temperatures. However, these soft toners are more susceptible to physical degradation during extended print runs of hundreds or thousands of pages that results in a decline in image quality”.

Hajime Kambara of Global Applications Development Lead says, “The unique shape and size of ATLAS silica composite particles have been specifically engineered to prevent embedding, migration and separation from the toner surface — a phenomenon that typically limits the performance of other materials used as spacers. As a result, when compared to fumed and colloidal silica spacers, ATLAS silica composite particles enable a marked improvement in enhancing toner image quality over long print runs.”

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