BusinessWaste Says Recycling Awareness Remains Low in UK, one of UK’s leading waste and recycling experts, found that 80% of companies have no recycling policy in this region. These firms fill landfill sites and resort to illegal activities to get rid of their waste.

According to the survey, the most common things in business without recycling include printer cartridges, green waste for composting, as well as paper and cardboard plastics, electrical waste and old computers. In addition, some firms plan to break the law for reducing their costs of rubbish.

Jonathan Ratcliffe, Recycling Manager of commented, “These companies will face unlimited fines if they get caught. Landfill is wasteful and expensive, and companies will face revenue loss from their low recycling awareness. A green policy can help firms to save money from the start.”

The government is promoting green policies and recycling through tax breaks for energy efficiency. Moreover, the landfill tax, £72 per ton, will penalize those orgnizations that do no recycle their wastes.

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