Brazil Sees Decline in Printer Shipments

The Brazilian printer market has experienced a decline in both shipments and sales in 2015, due to the current economic downturn, lower consumer confidence and the fact that the segment has been maturing.

According to IDC’s Brazilian analyst, Diego Silva, printer shipments in Brazil have seen a 22.8 percent decline, with 2.5 million devices sold in 2015. Sales totaled US$676million in 2015, a decline of 14.7% compared with the previous year. Inkjet printer sales fell 21.1% and laser devices shipments decreased 27.4% compared with 2014.

For 2016, IDC predicts a decline of 15% for the Brazilian printing market, with about 1.6 million inkjet devices and 568,000 laser printers shipped.

“As opposed to other segments such as smartphones, the printing market has a large installed base in Brazil – that makes it difficult to keep up with the same growth rates seen in [previous years] of expansion, when printing technologies became more widespread,” Silva says.

Silva pointed out that printing innovations in Brazil will be more focused on optimization, improvement and a wider offering of printing managed services, with digitization, document management, archiving and cloud-based systems connected to existing corporate platforms.

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