Black Point Declines Settlement with HP

The largest aftermarket player in Poland, Black Point, refuses to settle with HP who claims the polish company violates one of its ink cartridge patents.

HP initiated a legal action against producers of replacement ink cartridges in Poland a couple of months ago, a move that mirrors legal actions taken by the company in Spain last year. “The development and taking to market of innovating products is the core business of HP,” the company said in a statement. “We have to take legal steps to defend our original technology.” HP claims alternative replacement cartridges made by the companies violate one of its patents covering loading cartridges into printers.

As Recycling Times reported last week, Action S.A. and AB S.A, two Polish based aftermarket players have settled with the OEM over the same accusation. Both companies agree to stop doing any business involved with the accused patent-infringement products, and will discard any related products in the storage.

Black Point, however, on the other hand, has decided to take on the legal battle. The remanufacturer rejects the OEM’s offer to settle, saying they haven’t done anything illegal.

“Our company neither distributes nor holds in storage products that violate patent law held by printer manufacturers,” Piotr Kolbusz, CEO of Black Point, says in a statement on the Black Point website. “This has been confirmed by the local bailiff who was accompanied by an HP representative in June 2012. We will reject the accusations of HP during the ongoing process.”

As the case develops, HP will now have to take Black Point to court. Can aftermarket win a round back after a dismal year in 2012? Please stay tuned on Recycling Times for the latest update.

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