Beyond MPS – The SOHO market

Nubeprint SL, the leading EU specialist managed services software developer launches their WinTarget app-based strategy to win SOHO business.

Antonio Sanchez, Nubeprint CEO, said “ WinTarget focuses on the most profitable SOHO market that typically places small orders and buys OEM products. SOHO businesses usually employ less than ten people and have less than three printers. WinTarget enables you to successfully connect and retain this valuable market segment.”

According to Sanchez, “WinTarget is the tool for large retailers, distributors and remanufacturers wanting to capture and win the millions of small SOHO customers that are currently free from any subscription. The dealers can use the WinTarget features as a value-added service offered by his wholesaler. There is no investment in technology and WinTarget delivers a 100% service. WinTarget is maintenance free and there is no DCA, so no hassle to install a DCA. There are no ongoing commitments and is ideal for your smallest customers (less than 9 employees in general). Any costs are the cost of sale. Really the cost is 100% associated to your sales and there is no infrastructure costs. It is a unique solution for Retailers. Just ask about our various package models, you will be amazed!”

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