BCMY Launches Printer Cartridge Recycling Service

BCMY Ltd, a waste cartridge recycling company started in 2002, recently unveiled Zero Waste Recycling program online at zerowasterecycling.co.uk, which will participate in the Sir Richard Branson, Pitch to Rich 2015 Growth competition #VOOM.

As stated, the service is aimed at businesses who want to lower their impact on the environment, increase their Corporate Social Responsibility, and improve their duty of care over their printer consumables waste.

The company added, over 1.3 million ink cartridges were recycled by BCMY last year. BCMY also revealed that around 300 million ink and 60 million toner cartridges are sold in Europe every year, 75% of which are incinerated or landfilled. It takes 1,000+ years to decompose and about 1 litre of oil to make a new one. The new service is expected to offers businesses the best way to achieve their duty of care when dealing with their waste, with no restrictions on the type, brand or model.


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