Armor India Expands Printing Business Aboard

Armor India has opened a new plant in Bengaluru, 1km from its old premises in order to meet the increasing demands of the Indian market.

The new site is almost 4,000m², four times the size of the previous one. In addition to providing better, more competitive services and more efficiently made, high-quality products, ARMOR plans to use the expansion to further develop its global business.

As a part of co-industrialization Armor claims it is now able to provide B2B laser technology, printing products and sustainable development to its French customers.

Yohann Froment, Marketing & Communications Director of Armor Industrial Coding and Printing, emphasizes: “We have invested 60 million euros since 2013 in order to expand our production capacity abroad, and 4% of ARMOR’s revenue is allocated to research and development.”

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