Apollo Diverts 570 Metric Tons of Waste

Apollo has recently completed a Waste Audit which is a formal, structured process used to quantify the amount and types of waste being generated by an organization. Information from audits helps identify current waste practices and how they can be improved. It is important to conduct audits of this nature for a variety of reasons including:

  • Identifying opportunities to create a more efficient and effective organization
  • Reducing waste management costs
  • Identifying opportunities to better use limited natural resources
  • Complying with legislative requirements

In 2014 some of the key results from this audit confirm that Apollo successfully diverted 570 metric tons of waste from landfills due to our existing 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Programs. Apollo currently has 3R Programs in place for cardboard, confidential paper, electronic waste, bulbs/ballasts, batteries and printer toner cartridges. For 2015 we have set an aggressive target to improve our waste diversion rate for the Company. In order to reach this goal, we are implementing a vigorous recycling program to complement our Environmental Sustainability Program (ESP) which focuses on operations and waste management practices relating to reuse and reduction practices, especially for such items as wood pallets, plastic bottles and corrugate. “We are increasing awareness of current recycling programs at Apollo through employee education activities with a focus on evaluating, improving and expanding the waste reduction systems in each respective department,” states Richard Wachsberg, Chairman of Apollo Health and Beauty Care. Apollo’s near paperless efforts will further automate tasks to further reduce the use of paper in our daily activities.

“Our Associates, Team Apollo, acknowledge that each of us has a role to play in expediting efforts in our stewardship of the environment,” states Charles Wachsberg, President of Apollo Health and Beauty Care.


(Source: marketwired)

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