APEXMIC Mourns for Art Diamond

Deep lamentation for Art Diamond, who passed away in peace. We will miss him all along.

Mr. Diamond is indeed a veteran in the imaging industry. He has made great contribution to the industry. His legendary life has witnessed the imaging industry growing out of nothing, developing from weak to strong.

I was privileged to talk with him for many times, not once didn’t I feel comfortable and enlightened.

His insights on the imaging industry, his sharing and facilitation of fellows’ progress in the industry, his erudition and modesty shall be engraved in the heart of all his friends.

Respectable Mr. Diamond, may you rest in peace and all the best.

Jackson Wong

CEO of Apex Microelectronics Co.,Ltd.

Call for Tributes

RT Media is preparing an obituary for Art Diamond who passed away peacefully at his home on August 24.

We would like to publish your tributes to Art Diamond as well.

Please send your tribute, name, company, and your photo to Violien.Wu@RTMworld.com

The tributes will be published in a special feature in the next edition of the magazine.

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