Apex to Set up One-stop Chip Business

Apex has released replacement chips for Xerox 6180/6280 series, Xerox 7100series, Ricoh SP100 series, Ricoh 5200 series, Minolta 1600 series, Kyocera 1/2/3/4/5 generation series, which includes TK-130/TK-135/TK-310, TK 580/TK 590/TK 8505, TK-1100/TK-1130/TK-1140, TK1110/1112series, etc.

As was revealed, Apex has firstly launched more than 500 models for Kyocera, Xerox Ricoh and other brands, aiming to provide “all-round chip purchase line” and one-stop service. Also, its product line now covers Kyocera, Xerox, Ricoh, OKI, Brother and other brands.

Gavin Liu, Overseas Marketing Director at Apex, said, “Apex is always dedicated to develop the customer-oriented product. The purpose of one-stop plan is to provide more convenience for customers, they could get all chips only by one-stop purchase. This is our pursuit and what we are doing now.”

Further, Apex noted its Unismart chip reset option allows users to reset hundreds of aftermarket ink jet and laser chips including monochrome and color and covering all OEM brands. The company believes it helps customers be able to program different models and minimize the stock.

For more information, please visit www.apexmic.com

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