Another Cartridge World Store Opened

Another Cartridge World Store Opened

A new Cartridge World store has opened in a second location in Roanoke County, Virginia.

Cartridge World is a popular brand in the US with large traffic visiting the website as well.

To help existing and new customers having to drive up to 30 minutes to get to the existing store in Roanoke, the existing owners sensed it was time to open a second location. After searching for site and renovating the space, the new store opened last week.

The new 1,400 square feet (140sqm) store is located at Kroger Square in Bonsack on the U.S. 460. Two full-time employees have already been employed offering a range of more than 150 inks, toners, printers and paper to customers.

The first Cartridge World store opened in 2005, providing printing consumables retail business and refurbishing services.

Co-owner Jamshed Ahmed said, “Nobody else gives the service we provide in the Roanoke Valley.”


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