Aftermarket Protects its IP: OEM Set to be Sued

As reported by Recycling Times Media Corporation (RT Media), one large Aftermarket print consumables company is set to sue a large OEM.

According to information gleaned by RT Media, the recent filing of court papers suggests the news could break very soon. While there have been several cases where Aftermarket players have successfully sued OEMs, this new case may be the first involving a cartridge remanufacturer.

In the last year, at least 87 Aftermarket companies have been sued by the OEMs—and countless hundreds over the last 15 years.

Many Aftermarket companies have been developing their own patented imaging technologies.  Some Aftermarket CEOs are concerned that their patents are being ignored. “Respect for IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights) is a two-way street,” one CEO confided to RT Media.  “We respect the IPRs of the OEMs.  They must respect ours as well.”

Lawsuits between the Aftermarket and OEMs continue to be one of the big challenges facing the industry. Not only are there costly lawsuit expenses, but a company’s image may be at risk, affecting customers’ recognition and loyalty. Therefore, only by respecting the IP of others, and actively developing patented products of its own, can the Aftermarket survive fierce competition and avoid any lawsuits.

As the leading industry media group, RT Media is cooperating with Innopat Intellectual Property Co—a specialized intellectual property law practice—to co-launch the global imaging patent website: Browsers can easily search imaging patents from all over the world, covering mainly the United States, Europe and China. There will be about 3,000 patents online by February, 2016. Hundreds of the hot issue patents are already there.

Apart from finding the patent information easily, browsers can also read the latest industry legal news and the legal feature articles regarding the hot issues, to help individual companies adjust their legal strategies.

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