Aftermarket Companies Settle with Epson in Japan

The dispute between Ninestar, and three of their customers, and Epson, has been settled.

So says a Ninestar spokesperson who contacted RT Media, saying an official statement would be placed on their website.
Previously, Epson sued three of Ninestar’s customers in Japan for allegedly infringing Seiko Epson’s Japanese patents JP4144637 and JP5158277 and was pursuing the matter in court.

All parties involved including the three companies, Nihon Ninestar, Color Creation and OHM, have reached amicable settlement agreements with Seiko Epson.

The spokesperson told RT Media that Ninestar is pleased the matter has been resolved and believes it is good news for both Ninestar as well as the Aftermarket. The statement on Ninestar’s website clearly states that the company “respects Intellectual Property owned by third parties as always, and also will reinforces the protection of its own Intellectual Property. Further, Ninestar will continually devote itself in development and innovation to provide customers and end-users with environmental and innovative products.”

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