Actress Backs China’s First Laser Printer

Chinese actress Li BingBing, co-starring in the soon to be released “Transformers 4: “Age of Extinction” has told Beijing media she wants to keep backing China’s first and only laser printer.

Li attended the launch of the newest printer in the Pantum range—the Pantum 2500—the smallest laser printer in the world. Yet it prints at 22 pages per minute. “Only four countries in the world own the rights to printers,” she told media and business attendees. “Japan, the USA, Korea and now China.”

Even though the giant Chinese domestic market is the primary market for Pantum, it has also been launched in 30 other countries so successfully that stocks have run out in some places.

“Chinese people have always been innovative, whether it is in technology, or in the arts and culture and film,” the actress said. “I want to support innovation like this in China, and show that the Chinese can continue to be the greatest innovators in the world.”

Li BingBing is featured on all packaging, merchandising and promotions for Pantum. She attended a spectacular launch of the latest printer at the Chateau Changyu AFIP winery, north of Beijing, on April 30.

Li, who spoke fluent English, told Recycling Times Media, “I am proud to put my face onto this, my country’s product, and to let global audiences know about this quality Chinese brand.”

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